We Don't Do Orange!

Bella Vita Custom Spray Tans

Using only the best products for you. Our goal is to provide a one of a kind experience. No "one" product fits all and each BODY is different. We specialize in providing the most natural looking tans for all ages, shapes and sizes.

Privacy and Comfort

We want you to feel comfortable. Come as you are and know that you are safe with our professional and experienced technicians.

Bella Vita Custom Solutions are nourishment for your skin

A beautiful tan makes most of us feel confident and attractive. Regardless of age and skin type the fully customized Black Magic Tans deliver all natural realistic looking tans. We use premium certified natural based products. Vegan friendly and no animal testing. Helping you look and feel more beautiful and of course amazing color from a gorgeous glow to a deep bronze.

Experience the Difference Today

"The creation of tanning solutions is a scientific process which Black Magic Tan endeavours to make as natural as possible without compromise"

Our tanning solutions contain botanical ingredients & antioxidants that hydrate and nourish the skin. Ingredients vary within each custom formula. You can be assured you will receive the finest quality products which include ingredients that are good for your skin.

All products are PARABEN FREE, Hypoallergenic, Vegan and Non comedogenic

Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is the ingredient that creates the colour change in tanning solutions.

Manufactured in Australia our tanning solutions contain the highest quality, fresh DHA so the integrity of our tanning solutions are never compromised.

Prepare for your Spray Tan

Don't wax or shave your legs the day of your tan. You will be sprayed with a solution containing bronzer so it is best to shave or wax one or two days before. The bronzer gets into the opened pores and can give you uneven results.

Exfoliate the day before your spray tan (do not exfoliate just before your appointment) Remember when exfoliating that hands and feet are also part of your body.

Don't wear any deodorant, moisturizer or makeup. They will create a barrier that prevents absorption of the spray tanning solutions.

Wear loose clothes and shoes to ensure your tan doesn't rub off. Ladies, don't wear your bra after. Keep that handbag off your shoulders while your tan develops.We highly recommend a Rapid tan, these give you the ability to shower 2-3 hours after your tan (no more 8 hours of sticky)
If you choose an 8 hour tan and you sleep in your tan, put moisturiser on your palms.
If it's raining, cover up head to toe. So the water doesn't ruin your fresh tan. (bring an umbrella as you need to stay dry while your tan develops)