Body Scrubs & Mud Wraps

What to expect from your body treatment session: You will be greeted by a friendly Bella Vita Spa LLC staff member. Offered a spa robe, relaxing tea or infused water! Plan to arrive for your scheduled body treatment at least 15 minutes prior to the time reserved for you so you can discuss your body treatment plan with your technician!

SUGAR Scrub Body Polish $75
Rejuvenate your skin's radiance and smoothness while polishing away dryness and rough areas. Naturally firming hydrators, protectors, and cleansers of Milk Proteins, Honey, Clover, and Royal Jelly. All in a replenishing blend of nutrient oils to stimulate circulation, exfoliate, and reveal a healthy glow. Non-sticky and easy rinse-off.

BODY LUXE Hydrating Wrap $75
This relaxing wrap provides hydration on the skin, enhancing defenses and soothing even the most sensitive skin. A soft, warming balm melts on contact. Leaving your skin perfectly hydrated, with no need for additional finishing products.

FIRMING Mud Wrap $90
Firming, stimulating, and toning. Regular treatments will encourage and may cause m of the body. Concentrations of algae, minerals, and vitamins derived from active seaweed varieties harvested from the Coast of France.

Value package:
SUGAR Scrub Body Polish & FIRMING Mud Wrap $155
Value package Massage and body treatments:

~Book a relaxation or deep tissue massage & body polishing scrub $150
~Book a relaxation or deep tissue massage, body polishing scrub & body mud wrap $235 (regular price $250)

~Book a body polishing scrub, mud wrap, and microdermabrasion facial and experience total body wellness. $230 (Regular price $245)
~Book a body polishing scrub, mud wrap, and our #1 hydra facial to experience total body wellness and relaxation. $300 (regular price $340)